What is Scrum?

Scrum is a methodology used in complex projects, like software and manufacturing. And now...weddings!

A defining characteristic of Scrum is that it's iterative. Rather than planning out every detail in advance, you'll work in small chunks, stopping frequently to re-evaluate, learn, and change course if needed. This makes things easier and makes the wedding better. 



We'll guide your through every aspect of the Scrum Your Wedding process.

Visioning Exercises 

The visioning exercises allow you to imagine your perfect wedding planning experience before you go about making it happen. We'll guide you through the exercises, and help you make your vision a reality.


The roles ("Scrum Master" and "Product Owner") will help you reduce conflict throughout the process, and, because they allow for everyone to shine, they can even help deepen the relationships amongst the people you love. We'd love to play the role of Scrum Master for your wedding, or one of you can serve that role yourself.


Regular rituals, like the Sprint Planning Meeting and the Retrospective, create a reliable rhythm that allow you to enjoy your engagement while feeling confident that everything is under control. We can facilitate these meetings for you and anyone involved in planning your wedding.


Artifacts let you visualize everything you need to do between your engagement and your wedding, and they help you to see the progress you’re making and stay motivated. We can help you manage these sanity-saving tools!