Official Terms & Conditions of the Scrum Your Wedding Coaching Giveaway 

Hi there!

At Everybody's Invited, we believe that play, surprise, and adventures are the keys to a happy life. And we also take your fun seriously.

That means that if we all agree to these coaching sessions, we'll bring a light, fun energy to our work together, and we'll also ask everyone to agree to the following guidelines.

What we can commit:

  • Up to five coaching sessions, lasting one hour each, delivered via Google Hangout between now and your wedding date.

    • Scheduling: We’ll use Doodle to find up to 5 one-hour time slots between official sign-up date and wedding.

      • Fine print: If your wedding is 5+ months from now, we can offer five coaching sessions; 4 months away, four sessions max; 3 months away, three sessions, and so forth.

    • Both Julia and Hannah will make a good faith effort to always schedule when both of us can attend. Because we live and work in two different time zones, you may occasionally have a session with just one of us.

    • We’ll give you 24 hours notice if we need to postpone or reschedule a session.

  • Your anonymity will be ensured in any examples we use in blog posts, interviews, or future Scrum Your Wedding materials.

  • Each coaching session will give you a chance to breathe, reflect, and look forward to your upcoming milestone! We’ll have a blast, we promise.

What we ask of you in return:

  • Commitment from both partners to make a good faith effort to show up for all coaching sessions.

    • Please give us 24 hours advance notice if you need to cancel a session.  

    • Please understand that if you do not show up for a session and did not give us 24 hours notice, we may not be able to reschedule that session.

  • Good faith effort to skim the entire Scrum Your Wedding site before our first session.

  • Basic comfort with Google Hangout (please have this installed before our first coaching session). As an alternative, we may be able to use a free conference call service.