Step 9: Do Some Refining Activities

"Refining" refers to any kind of activity that helps you, your partner, and others agree on a vision for upcoming projects. It's about surfacing different expectations and possible approaches to a specific task. 

Some common ways to refine include:

  • Brainstorming (e.g. ways to barter, ideas for how to incorporate a theme, signature cocktail names, honeymoon locations)

  • Creating vision boards (e.g. for decorations, food, clothing)

  • Reading how-to’s and blog articles with ideas from other weddings

  • Sketching (e.g. a program, a menu, flower arrangements)

PRODUCT OWNER TIP - Refining isn't a required part of every sprint, so it's your job to request time for it if you feel it's needed. Ask the Scrum Master to put it on the Sprint schedule.