Step 8: Ask the Three Stand-up Questions

In the world of Scrum, project teams typically hold a daily stand-up meeting. (It's called a "stand-up" because team members stand during the meeting to encourage brief updates.) At each meeting, each person answers three quick questions about their progress on the tasks they own.

  • What tasks have you worked on since we last talked?

  • What tasks are you planning to work on next?

  • Is anything getting in the way of finishing the work as expected?

SCRUM MASTER TIP - The stand-up is overkill in most wedding planning scenarios, but we do think it's useful to ask the questions at least a few times per sprint, perhaps over email. It's your job to make sure the questions are asked and answered.

The questions also help avoid one person being pegged as the slacker who's not engaged (no pun intended). If you said you'd tackle four tasks during the sprint and you've only finished one, it might help for others to hear your thought process around which one you're going to prioritize by the deadline and which might need to be pushed back. 

The final question can be especially helpful if one person on your team tends to have a hard time asking for help. Asking the standup questions regularly can help that person name the obstacles they're facing — and help the others spot chances to offer support.