Step 7: Do the work

This is the fun part!

During the bulk of the sprint, you and your wedding co-conspirators will be cake-tasting, flower-arranging, dress-fitting, playlist-making fools. Knowing that you've got everything under control will allow you to enjoy all of these special moments.

Steps 8 and 9 will help you stay nice and scrummy during each sprint.

SCRUM MASTER TIP - Your role during the sprint is to make sure things are moving across the Sprint Board. This might mean assigning tasks to specific people, sending reminders, or just checking in with people.

PRODUCT OWNER TIP - Your role is to make decisions as questions arise. They might be questions about the aesthetic vision, e.g. "Which tablecloths do we want to use?" Or they may be about the budget, e.g. "The DJ raised her rates. Should we still go with her, or should we find someone new?" Or they may be about how to best use time, e.g. "It doesn't look like we can finish both the party favors and the namecards during this sprint. Which do you think is more important to do now?"