Step 6: Build Your Sprint Board

The Sprint Board is the list of tasks the team commits to for a given sprint during the planning meeting. While the Wedding Backlog represents the entire plan (and remember: it's being constantly updated), the Sprint Board just represents the work that's immediately in front of you (and shouldn't change too much during the sprint).

You can use any project management or list tool you’re comfortable with, or even just sticky notes on a wall, to manage the sprint board. Try creating three columns, one representing all of the "To Do's", another representing tasks that are in progress, and the last representing completed tasks. By moving the sticky notes through the columns, you’ll be able to easily track progress during the sprint.

SCRUM MASTER TIP - The Scrum Master is responsible for making sure the Sprint Board is updated throughout the sprint.

Not sure how to set up your Sprint board? Check out the Sample Sprint Boards in the Toolkit.