Step 10: Run your Review and Retrospective

Every sprint ends with a Review, where team members get to show off the work they completed.

SCRUM MASTER TIP - Reviews make sense for some couples and families more than others, and particularly for those planning weddings far in advance. If you have a highly involved group of friends or family, it might cut down on confusion (and email) to know that once a month there will be a chance for your best friend to share the news about the great prices she negotiated with the caterer or for your partner to brag about his flower sourcing prowess.

Regardless of your scenario, it's worth thinking about whether you want to build some sort of Review into your Sprint. A brief pause to celebrate achievements is a great way to build excitement. 

PRODUCT OWNER TIP - You can use the Review to update the Wedding Backlog based on what got done/didn't get done during the Sprint. You can add or remove tasks from the Backlog, or just re-order it to represent your current priorities.

You might also choose to run a Retrospective, which is a chance for everyone to step back for a bit and talk about the process itself. Retrospectives often end with the team agreeing to test out a small tweak to the process.

Examples of decisions that might come out of a Retrospective:

  • Starting a daily check-in
  • Using an online tool instead of sticky notes on the wall to capture progress during the Sprint
  • An agreement to commit to doing more during the next Sprint

SCRUM MASTER TIP - Retrospectives often feel like an expendable part of the process, but they can be super valuable and they don't have to take much time at all. As the Scrum Master, you can simply ask a few key questions: What worked well this Sprint? What was challenging? What changes to our process would you like to try?