Step 1: Choose your Scrum Master and Product Owner

The first thing a Scrum-savvy couple will do is determine the Scrum Master and the Product Owner. The Scrum Master owns the process of planning the wedding, while the Product Owner owns the creative vision


Scrum Master

Makes sure all of the rituals happen

Makes sure the artifacts are being maintained

Surfaces and removes obstacles to ensure the Sprint goals are being met



Creates and manages the Wedding Backlog

Brings a list of prioritized tasks to each Planning Meeting

Makes difficult decisions about how to spend time and money



Can motivate and help others stay on track

Remains positive despite challenges

Keeps the big picture in mind

Is a good listener, and can facilitate (sometimes difficult) conversations

Product Owner

Has a clear, creative vision for the wedding

Is able to express that vision effectively to others

Is able to make decisions about priority, given time and budget constraints

Understands and considers the opinions of others

Not sure how to choose roles? Check out the sample scenarios in the Toolkit