Sample Wedding Backlogs

A Wedding Backlog is a comprehensive, but ever changing list of tasks you'll complete in the lead up to your wedding. 

But a Wedding Backlog is more than just a checklist. It's also the place where you'll capture important details like:

  • The priority of each task (see the CAKE entry in the Product Owner's Bag of Tricks for a useful way to denote the relative priority of different tasks)
  • Who's responsible for completing each task?
  • Do any of the tasks have external dependencies beyond your control? 
  • Are there any specific deadlines? (e.g. the venue invoice must be paid by Date X)

Every wedding is different, so each will have different tasks. Adapt one of our sample Wedding Backlogs to reflect your traditions and priorities:

The Works

We brainstormed 75 common wedding tasks, covering everything from booking the venue to writing Yelp reviews for your vendors. 


55 wedding tasks, with an emphasis on the homemade. 

THE Shoestring

Kickstart your wedding planning process with these 40 essential tasks

Looking for further inspiration? Check out the many great wedding checklists on the internet. Some are relatively spare, like this list from Here Comes the Guide or this one from Real Simple. Some are packed to the brim with every task you could ever imagine, like this list from The Knot. We recommend you use these checklists to make sure you're not overlooking anything, but modify one of the Wedding Backlogs above to actually track your progress.


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