Acceptance Criteria: The requirements that have to be met for a project to be considered complete. 

CAKE: A mnemonic device used to prioritize tasks (see the Product Owner's Bag of Tricks). Also, a delicious baked good.

Definition of Done: An agreed upon standard for completing tasks.

Planning Meeting: The meeting used to kick off every sprint. The outcome of every Planning Meeting is an agreed upon list of work on the Sprint Board.

Product Owner: The person in a wedding planning team who's responsible for shepherding the creative vision of the wedding.

Refining: Activities that help the team reach a shared understanding or vision of the work ahead.

Retrospective: A meeting held at the end of the sprint to evaluate the process and potentially make some minor changes.

Review: A meeting held at the end of the sprint to review all of the progress made.

Scrum Master: The person in a wedding planning team who's responsible for making sure the team adhere's to the process.

Sprint: A period of time during which the major wedding planning work happens. Each sprint cycle starts with a Planning Meeting and ends with a Review and Retrospective.

Sprint Board: The list of tasks the team has agreed to complete during a given sprint, along with the currents status of each task.

Story Points: An arbitrary unit to measure the effort required to complete a project.

The Three Standup Questions: Three quick questions about the team's progress, to answer on a regular basis.

Timebox: An agreed upon time limit for a given task. 

Wedding Backlog: The ever-changing collection of tasks needed to plan your wedding, arranged in order of importance.

Wedding Stories: Descriptions of work to be done, framed as value to be delivered, rather than specific tasks.