Sketch your cover story

This is one of our favorite exercises. Pick a publication that matches your values/aesthetic or that has been a go-to resource for you: Martha Stewart Weddings,, EquallyWed, Offbeat Bride, etc.

Imagine they are running a special cover story feature on your wedding. (It’s OK if you would never want this kind of publicity in real life. Just go with it.)

Your task is to fully envision what the story would look like.

Grab some paper and markers, and sketch it out. It should include:

  • A headline
  • 3 photos (draw them!)
  • 3 quotes from guests about their experience at the wedding
  • Quotes from the couple in response to imaginary interview questions:
    • What was the best part of planning your wedding?
    • What part of the wedding planning process made you feel closest to your partner?
    • How did you and your families work together during the planning process?

Here's an example:


Share your Cover Story sketch with your co-planners and use it to have a conversation about what’s important to you.