Conclusion: Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Now that you've seen the full sprint cycle, you should be empowered to repeat it as many times as necessary between your engagement and your wedding day. The Scrum process is meant to be flexible, so keep tweaking it as you go, making sure it works for you, your partner, and your particular situation.

We offer personal coaching sessions for couples who'd like help "installing" a Scrum process, or who'd like some advice about adapting the system for their own situation. Please be in touch; we'd love to work with you.

TOOLKIT - To level up your Scrum skills, check out the Scrum Master and Product Owner Bag of Tricks.

When we conducted our survey in July 2014, we asked people what would have made wedding planning easier. One person replied:

More talking about the general plan before diving in. We didn’t buy books, look online for checklists or consult professionals. We just fumbled through the whole thing, learning as we went along.

Hopefully, it's clear by now that we're of two minds about this. We're not promising that you won't fumble sometimes, and we're not advocating for you to make all of your decisions up front—the whole point is for this process to evolve as your circumstances change, your research reveals new possibilities or roadblocks, or you learn new things about one another and those nearest and dearest to you.

But we definitely believe that establishing your vision, assembling a group of trusted co-planners, and sticking as best you can to clear roles and expectations will set you up for a happier wedding and a happier "ever after."

We hope that Scrum Your Wedding helps, and we'd love to hear which pieces of the guide work for you and whether any feel entirely out of reach. Please don't hesitate to get in touch by emailing