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The one-time engagement

A 60 minute meeting to help you "install" the scrum process. You and your partner will complete a brief questionnaire and meet with Hannah and Julia via video chat to begin or strengthen your planning process. We'll help you choose roles; talk through the rituals, artifacts, and visioning exercises as they relate to your specific situation; and make sure you have a clear overview of the whole process.

$150 flat fee.


The next level 

Up to five coaching sessions, 60 minutes each, delivered via video chat between now and your wedding date. In a perfect world, we'd space these out at one session per month, but let's talk about it if your event is sooner than that would allow.




We can serve as Scrum Masters for your wedding, helping you stay on track and stay calm while creating the wedding of your dreams. We'll be there every step of the way, from helping you create a shared vision, to managing your wedding backlog, to running your regular retrospectives.  We're an affordable alternative to traditional wedding planners—we love working with couples who have a DIY ethic and want to plan their own weddings, but need a little help staying organized and on track.

price varies, depending on length of engagement and style of wedding

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