Choosing Roles: Sample Scenarios

There's no right way to divide up roles when wedding planning. You just have to commit (and you've already proven you can do that!). Here are some possible models that might work for you: 

  • One of you can take on the Product Owner role and the other can serve as the Scrum Master – this could strike a healthy balance.
  • Alternately, you and your partner can share the Product Owner role, since you both have a stake in the creative vision for the wedding. In that case, a friend or family member can play the role of Scrum Master. Sometimes a neutral third party is best for this role.
  • You may want a friend or family member to play the role of Product Owner, if neither of you has a particularly clear vision for the wedding.
  • You might ask a professional wedding coordinator to serve as your Product Owner or Scrum Master. Share this guide with them and ask them to follow the process.